【11/05/30】 One Republic最新单曲Secrets

玫瑰小贝 发表于 2011-5-30 19:50:23 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式

i need another story
something to get off my chest
my life gets kind of boring
need something that i can confess

till all my sleeves are stained red
from all the truth that i've said
come by it honestly i swear
thought you saw me wink, no,
i've been on the brink, so

tell me what you want to hear
something that will like those ears
sick of all the act sincere
so i'm gonna give all my secrets away
this time
don't need another perfect line
don't care if critics never jump in line
i'm gonna give all my secrets away
my god, amazing how we got this far
it's like were chasing all those stars
whose driver shining big black cars

and everyday i see the news
all the problems we could solve
and when a situation rises
we'll ride it into a mountain
straight to though
i don't really like my flow, oh, so

got no reason
got no shame
got no family
i can blame
just don't let me disappear
i wanna tell you everything
all my secrets away

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